Meatless Monday - First Edition

Solveig calls this recipe "Grilled Everything", which we've reminded her is not a super creative title for her first Meatless Monday recipe. However - she made a good point when she reminded us that everything in this recipe is grilled. Clever Solveig, very clever.

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Grilled Garlic Mushrooms Recipe

Get your fill of ‘shrooms with this easy, flavour-filled recipe that brings together all of the major food groups: mushrooms, garlic, and grilled goods. There’s not much else you need in life, eh? Well, maybe a steak or something to go alongside it. Also beer. And a nice baked potato would be pretty damn good right about now. But aside from those things… this is a really solid combo.   Grilled Garlic Mushrooms Serves 4 as an appetizer   Ingredients: 1 tablespoon salted butter 1 pound assorted mushrooms (we used a mixture of chanterelles, abalone (the mushroom, not the snail), and white and brown mushrooms) 2 cloves garlic Handful of fresh parsley Freshly grated parmesan cheese Salt and pepper, to...

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Grilled Naan Bread Recipe

Grilled Naan Bread Recipe Barbecues Galore

Not all of us are lucky enough to have access to a tandoor oven, so a good old barbecue will have to do the trick today. If you DO have access to a tandoor oven, we are very jealous and spiteful and don’t particularly feel like dealing with you and your “fancy tandoor oven” because you’re “better than us” and prefer to have “authentically” cooked naan bread.

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Friday Lunch is Back with Radha's Famous Pizza

Radha's Homemade Greek Pizza

Radha knocked it out of the park this year by treating the Calgary North staff to her homemade pizza. She made her own dough, and her own sauce, and then grilled it all to cheesey perfection on the Broil King Keg. Needless to say, Friday afternoon was pretty unproductive around here, as we were all in a heavenly pizza coma.

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Carolina Mustard Sauce Recipe

Whip up a batch of this goodness for all of your chicken, pork, and saucy needs. It’s especially good on a pulled pork sandwich, just sayin’.

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Japanese Grilled Rice Balls Recipe

Japanese Grilled Rice Balls
Japanese grilling isn’t only about kung fu and grilled meat. No, no. There’s so much more to it than that: there are also balls. Apparently, grilled rice balls (also known as onigiri) should have exactly 258 grains of rice in ‘em. Since we don’t want to stress you out, and because we are generally quite lazy, we’re going to suggest you are a little more liberal with your balls.

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The Viking Burger Recipe

 Fill the bottom of your burger bun with yummy, crunchy cabbage, next, the frikadeller burger, then top with a healthy dollop of the dill sauce and some fresh dill

The Viking Burger: a construction of Danish awesomeness. Wherein, we craftily combine the power of the Danish meatball (frikadeller) with slithery, ‘pickly’ red cabbage…

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Simple Spiced Brisket Recipe

Slice that bad boy up and eat it.

“Ohhh, yeah. That’s a nice hunk o’ brisket you’ve got there.” See? That’ll be the reaction you’ll get when you christen your grill for the Spring and cook up some tender, flavourful, spiced brisket. Serve on its own, or on some nice soft buns (he he… we said “soft buns”) with a heaping scoop of coleslaw. Also, beer. You’ll definitely want a beer. Don’t necessarily count on your neighbourhood Giganto-grocery to have brisket in stock.  Better to call your local butcher. In Calgary there are lots of great butchers – try Master Meats if you’re near our North store. In Oakville, I’d head over to Florence Meats.

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