Meet BBQ Expert Evan

Meet Evan. He's "retired." Once he retired he took it easy for a grand total of 14 minutes and then started working for us. And, he's been with us for fourteen years now - lucky for us he was too old to work!

Evan has been an incredibly valuable addition to our South store. He works in the back assembling barbeues, troubleshooting and doing anything else that needs doing. He's a Yoda-like mentor to the younger staff who often seek him out for his wisdom on a vast array of topics. Recently, Evan built us a super cool propane tank display case by hand. Come into the store and check it out - it's a beauty! Evan cooks on a Napoleon Ultra Chef barbecue which he cleans EVERY time he uses it! He swears by cleaning with a brass brush and a bit of water while the grills are still slightly warm after cooking. He also keeps his barbecue covered all the time it's not being used. If every one of our customers followed Evan's routine - we'd never sell them any new barbecues because their old ones would last too long. Evan's favorite marinade is Broil King's bottled "Perfect Steak Marinade." He uses it on steaks and chops (not vegetables - yuck). He marinates his meat almost every time he uses his barbecue. Mostly Evan is a steak and pork chop guy. Even's been married for half a million years to the lovely Gail. They have two children: Laurie and Tim. Tim is in the picture below with his daughter Rory. Those two have been working hard on the stage adaptation of the sci-fi film classic 'Total Recall'. Tim and Rory are playing the challenging dual-role of the rebel mutant leader "Kuato." Break a leg you two!

Meet Evan

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