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Every so often Kevin from J.Webb wine merchants ( helps us find some wine to drink with our meals.  This month he answered the challenge of finding the right wines to drink with grilled foods that have been kissed with smoke…


Ok, so you’ve mastered the art of flavoring with smoke. What are you going to drink? Sure you could pop the top on a couple of lagers and contrast those big smoky flavors with a cool, refreshing beer – but anyone could do that. You’re more intelligent, you need something more complex – something with character. Enter the world of wine, but tread carefully, were not looking for finesse here, our search is for big, bold and in your face stuff. Think zinfandel, rustic southern Italian and those lovers-of-barbecue from down under – Australia. The criteria are simple; the wine can’t be overpowered by smoke, we want enough intensity that we can drink it in a windstorm and not miss anything, oh – and it can’t be too pricey. I suggest these:


Marietta old vine red, California – Marietta


Marietta old vine red, California – Marietta is a long time favorite at J. Webb. It rips out of the glass with ripe brambleberry fruit and delivers teeth staining intensity. The juicy flavors and soft mouth feel are the perfect backdrop for smoky flavors, just keep your toothbrush handy.

Waterwheel Memsie Red, Australia


Waterwheel Memsie Red, Australia – This beast from down under is one of the best buys around. If you like ultra ripe fruit and flavors that you can still taste the next day, then this is your boy.


Red Wine


Cusamano Syrah, Italy – The Sicilians are well known for a lot of things, but you can add making great value wine to that list. These are people that know something about “the good life” so take a page out of their book and give this a go. This is wine for meat, not swimming with the fish.  

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