Why Do You Have Two Names?


Here’s one we get a lot: 

“Hey what’s with you guys and the two names?  ‘Barbecues Galore and Wood’s Fireplaces’ seems like quite the mouthful.”


Yeah, you’re right, it is a mouthful. However, there’s a good reason we’ve got two names. 

We started in the barbecue business in 1979 and “Barbecues Galore” seemed like a good name.  After all we had lots of barbecues on display (still do!) and “Barbecues A Lot” didn’t look so good on the sign. 

And then, in 1996, in a particularly long winter, we thought, “Hey, this sucks, we’ve got a zillion dollars in overhead and we won’t see a barbecue customer for another four months.”  So…we asked the good folks at Calgary’s ‘Wood’s Fireplaces’ if they’d like to join forces.  They’d been in the fireplace business since the 1930’s and were probably a bit sick of staring at each other all summer so they said “sure, why not?”.  

And the rest, as they say, is history.  Peanut butter and jam, sushi and wasabi, Brad and Angelina, and… Barbecues Galore and Woods Fireplaces. And, while we’re at it, we should mention that we have no relation to the large Australian/American company “Barbeques Galore”.  They spell their name with a “Q” (wrong way) and we spell our name with a “C” (right way).  The similarity means we get a few hilarious phone calls from Texas each year but that’s the extent of our relationship.

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