Tipster: Read Sunday Money by Jeff Macgregor

Here’s a tip: read Sunday Money by Jeff Macgregor.

A book about NASCAR for people that have never shown any interest in NASCAR. Jeff (journalist) and his wife (photographer) took a year off and followed the NASCARr circuit. This book is a fascinating read whether you’re interested in NASCAR or not. It’s got it all: speed, money, fame, sex and, most surprisingly, people falling headfirst into their own deep fryers. It’s a funny, literate take on America’s self-proclaimed “fastest growing sport.” Check it out at

And here’s another tip: enter our eighth annual “Worst Barbecue in Canada” contest! We’re a small company. We don’t get that many entries for this contest. If you’ve got a horrible barbecue lying around and you’re capable of taking a creative, well-focused photograph, you’re chances of winning this thing are REAL GOOD.

enter our eighth annual “Worst Barbecue in Canada” contest!

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