Expert Shawn

 This is Shawn. Don’t confuse him with the world famous snowboarder Shaun White– he doesn’t work here anymore. This ‘new’ Shawn is into a different kind of ‘smoking’ than the snowboarder Shaun. This one is all about low and slow cooking. Brisket, pork shoulder, ribs – that stuff. Get him talking about what he’s planning for dinner tomorrow and he’ll have your mouth watering within minutes.

Shawn is currently cooking on a four burner “gasser” (that’s what us barbecue nerds call a gas burning – as opposed to charcoal burning – barbecue), an old charcoal kettle and an original Weber smoker. He’s got his wandering eye on a handful of new units in our showroom – we know which ones because we regularly have to wipe his drool off of his current favorites. His preferred barbecued food is “all of it” He’s contributed a few pictures of some recent menu items at the White House. Check them out below – quite impressive. When it comes to racing, Shawn prefers the virtual kind (ie. Burnout Revenge) to current offerings but allows that, if Jackie Stewart would suit up for NASCAR, he’d probably give it a look. When pressed, Shawn confessed that his favourite driver is Lightning McQueen.




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