What Is Memphis In May?


Dear Dr. M,

What is this 'Memphis in May' competition I keep hearing about?


Qwee Hurious  


Dear Qwee,

Memphis in May is a thirty year old, municipal, cultural festival put on by the city of Memphis. Since 1978 a large component of the festival has been a barbecue cooking competition. It has grown to be the grand-daddy of all barbecue competitions, attracting hundreds of teams that compete for over $100,000 in prize money.

Only wood and charcoal grills are allowed in the competition (no gas) and the main focus of the competition is pork. The three primary competition categories are pork rib, pork shoulder and whole hog. There are other competition categories as well (wings, beans, coleslaw etc.) but the raison d'etre is the mighty pig.

Yours in pork,

Doctor McGrillemup


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