What Kind of Barbecues Do They Use in Vietnam?


What kind of barbecues do they use in Vietnam?

W. Orldly


Dear W.

Full confession here: I've never been to Vietnam.

It's one of those places that's on my list but doesn't seem to be squirreling its way to the top with any alacrity. I can't blame the French or the commies from keeping me out anymore can I? Maybe I should scratch the "Cruise the Coast of Somalia" trip and the "Magadishu by Night" junket off of my list and give Vietnam some breathing room? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, I'm told by Sonny that we barbecue retailers wouldn't get rich selling barbecues in Vietnam (well, at least not the eye-popping, envy of the world, Rowling-esque "rich" like we've grown accustomed to here in Canada).

The barbecues in Vietnam are typically of the homemade variety and are universally small, cheap, and use charcoal. One feature worth pointing out is that they are all topless; no lids in sight. This isn't great if you're slow roasting a pork shoulder for 15 hours but it's ideal for flash grilling small, tender pieces of meat. Yum.

Also, it's interesting to me that there's always some type of fan near the grill. Either a hand-held fan or an electric version. Sonny tells me there are two uses for the fan, 1) keep the fire burning hot and 2) keep the smoke out of the grillers' face. Crafty eh?


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The fellow in the bottom pic has many burn holes in his fan. Perhaps he’s not one of the craftier types.

Chris Ritchie

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