A Saucy Serenade

An ode to Denzel's Coffee Flavoured Barbecue Sauce

by Krystal
Sauce for my steak
You were not a mistake
I poured you on top to sit
To let you marinate
In just thirty minutes time
Your sauce life on the line
Put my steak on the grill to cook
And it was your turn to shine
Flipping, basting, turning, basting
In between, I was tasting
Your rich, tomato coffee flavor
Left my taste buds racing
Waiting for my meat to grill
Waiting for that tasty thrill
Within my very first bite
My cries of impatience grew shrill
My steak, now complete
Finally time to eat
I munched ever so slowly
The taste was just so neat
Thick, rich, a bit of grain
A touch of coffee, as in the name
My love for you is unabashed
Steak munching will never be the same

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