Summer is Here

Howdy.  Canada Day has come and gone which means we’re truly into the Canadian summer. 

Make the most of it while you can – you know it will be over before you have a chance to finish rubbing your suntan lotion into your skin.  And with summer underway we turn our barbecue minds to the important things in life. 

Things like grilling up a huge rib eye steak before watching grown men wrestle steers and get stomped on by bulls.  That’s right – it’s Stampede time.  For those of you in and around Calgary, please remember to barbecue responsibly (and often) for the ten days of Stampede.  For those in Ontario, – get your over-taxed, 401-driving, think Tie Domi’s a tough guy, CNE anticipatin’ butts Westward  for some real fun.  Check it out at

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