Calgary Stampede

Hello, hello. July is here and that means a few things; #1) it probably won’t snow in the next two months and 2.) it’s Stampede time in Calgary. Like many civic events across Canada, the Stampede started off as an agricultural fair and livestock exhibition. Being Calgary, the rodeo was a natural addition. Since the first Stampede in 1912 the event has morphed into a weird, unique opportunity for the staid, conservative city of Calgary to blow off a lot of steam and have some fun. If you think the whole cowboy thing is cheesy you wouldn’t be alone. However, I defy you to stand by the rail during the chuckwagon races or to head out for a night out on the town during the Stampede and NOT have a good time. For ten days every July, Calgary is Canada’s best place to be. Stampede and barbecuing are closely linked. It’s probably all that ranching that originally got the grills fired up but now you’ll see just about everything cooked on the barbecue during the Stampede: beef, pork, giant mutant turkey legs, you name it. Of course, the most famous outdoor meal during Stampede is the breakfast. In Calgary during Stampede the ‘most important meal of the day’ is fast, free, and gets your guts prepared for a full day of Stampeding.  


As you probably know, there are approximately one zillion Stampede parties thrown during the ten days of Stampede. Outside of the private parties and the activity on the grounds themselves, it seems like every church, business and community association throws a party during the Stampede. The majority of these are breakfasts. Check out for a list of most of the major breakfasts around town.

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