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The Right Way To Spell Whisky


Dear Dr. M,

Why is the word sometimes spelled 'whisky' and other times spelled 'whiskey'?


D. Stiller


Dear Mr. Stiller,

Don't know, don't care.

I know that some people spell it "whisky" and some people spell it "whiskey" but, we're so concerned about spelling "barbecue" properly that we just can't get too excited about your particular etymological battlefield.

I mean, when you're fighting against people that use the letter 'q' improperly, you've just got to ignore the minor skirmishes. After all, have you seen what people are doing out there? "Bar-B-Que"?! That's not a proper noun - that's a nightclub in Tajekistan. Most vanity license plates make more sense than that spelling.... If you're spelling a word and decide that you need not one, but two hyphens, you may want to grab your Websters and do a little research.


Doctor McGrillemup