Unappreciative Guests


Dear Doctor McGrillemup,

My father in-law, is a bitter, jaded cynic. Nothing is ever good enough for him. When he comes over to eat, I can barely manage to get a "thank-you" out of his tight, mealy-mouthed lips, never mind any praise. How can I shake him up a bit?


Sonny Inlaugh



Hi Sonny,

Sounds like you've got a real winner on your hands. Here's an idea; remember how we talked in this newsletter about grilling fruit with liquor? Mix a batch of fruit to grill (apples, pineapples whatever) with about a cup of booze.

In this case I'd use overproof rum; and maybe some Night Train if you're feeling festive. Keep your grill on high. Then, when it's time for dessert, ask him to grill the fruit and specifically tell him to "get it all on there at once." That should get his attention. Have a bit of polysporin on hand for afterwards.


Doctor M.

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