Worst BBQ Winner 2012

In this section of The Hot Line we normally tip our spatula to one of our resident grilling experts, pros or aficionados. We are pleased this month to use this space to announce the winner of this year's "Canada's Worst Barbecue" contest (the ninth annual don't you know). Please join us in sending a hearty, grilled, congratulations to Darell W of Calgary.
Canada's Worst Barbecue Winner
 Darell's daughter Jen has this to say about his old barbecue: "If you notice the tire on the bbq is flat.... I am not sure how a plastic tire goes flat, but my dad's BBQ found a way. The grates are falling apart, as my dinner has currently fallen through the grates. Ha. Ha."As a reward for turning a blind eye to the rusted wreck in his backyard and playing fast and loose with his family's grill hygiene (would you eat off of that thing?), we're giving Darell almost $5,000 worth of swanky backyard products from Napoleon. The new barbecue is a four burner masterpiece made right here in Canada by happy little barbecue elves that love barbecues so much that they grill their breakfast cereal and bleed barbecue sauce if you cut them. In addition Darell is going to have some luxuriously comfortable Napoleon patio furniture to sit on while he admires his new grill. Many thanks to all of this year's entrants. It was, as always, a privilege to wade through pictures of your embarrassing backyard grills. We will be reaching out to you in the next week or so regarding a terrific (we think) consolation prize. If you'd like to see all of this year's entries, head on over to our Facebook page where our motto is "Facebook content worth exactly what you pay for it".
Canada's Worst Barbecue Winnings

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