Sean versus Shawn

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. This is a tale of two cities, two men and, two types of barbecues. Sean works for us in our Oakville store. He’s a family man with over two decades of experience in the grilling industry, an Irish temper and a beautiful Big Green Egg barbecue machine. Shawn (see how the spelling’s a bit different there?) works for us in our South Calgary store. Also a family man. He has a passionate (some would say clinically passionate) interest in grilling and a Broil King Keg barbecue in his backyard.
So, to review, we have Sean with an Egg and Shawn with a Keg. Two men separated only by a spelling preference, 3,000 kilometres and a differing opinion on who makes the world’s best charcoal grill. Sean favours the Egg because of its proven ceramic body, superior warranty and its overall ‘green-ness’. Shawn, swears by the newer Keg because of its price, portability and efficiency.
These are two men with strong opinions about their outdoor cooking equipment. At first, the disagreement was cordial. Friendly even. Then, drinks were drunk, harsh words were spoken, gauntlets were thrown. And now, what was dreaded has become inevitable. A showdown beckons.
Holster your swords and pistols gentleman; this duel will be resolved with smoke and protein. Our job as judges is to witness, document and eat a ridiculous amount of barbecued food. If you’re thinking about buying a kamado-style cooker. You should certainly be considering both the Big Green Egg and the Broil King Keg. Maybe our little barbe-quarrel will help you decide which unit is best for you.

Check back over the next week as we post their grilling competition.

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