Hero George

This is George. He's our hero this month because he gets up at 05:00 in the morning if it has been snowing, rolls into the office before any of the rest of us, and then plows the parking lot so that we all have a nice, smooth place to park our cars. He is our cold-weather hero. So much so that he was recently presented with a rare and coveted "Barbecues Galore Certificate of Excellence" (see above). George, originally from Williams Lake, has worked with us for about three years now. He's older than he looks -- he's a great grandfather! He is also, easily, the most accomplished wood stacker I've ever seen -- a true artist with a split log. However, he admits that he is also a fan of his gas fireplace (and his little dogs Toby and Pete like it too). George currently cooks on a Weber barbecue, his favourite grilled food is, you guessed it, 'steak'.

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