Rockin Ronnie Shewchuk Grilling Classes

Rockin Ronnie Shewchuk Grilling Classes - It's barbecue season people! Hey, all you fairweather grillers out there! It's time to dust off the barbecue and get ready for some serious grilling. Those of you who grill all year long - no matter how big the snowbanks you're standing on - why not brush up on some skills and maybe learn something new to impress your guests with this summer. Rockin Ronnie Shewchuk is offering a series of grilling classes this May at The Cookbook Co. Cooks kitchens in Calgary. With classes from novice to expert grilling, you are sure to find a class for you and that neighbour that's always peeking over the fence into your grill. You know, the one who's always inviting themselves over for dinner a couple of times a week. We've been selling Ronnie's mouth-watering cookbooks in our store for years now, and for good reason. Ronnie is serious about competitive barbecuing. He is also serious about winning in competitive barbecuing. Ronnie and his team, The Butt Shredders have won more barbecue competitions than any other Canadian team. Ever. So he must know what he's doing, and he must be doing it right. Sounds like the right person to learn from if you ask me.

Rockin Ronnie Shewchuk Grilling Classes include:

  • High Steaks Cooking
  • Rockin' Ronnie's Grilling Essentials (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Burgers, Burgers, Burgers!
  • Beyond the Basics with Rockin' Ronnie (Intermediate to Expert)
Check out The Cookbook Co. Cooks' website , or call for more information. Don't live in Calgary? Sounds like the perfect time to visit. The Cookbook Co. Cooks 722 - 11th Avenue SW 403-265-6066 ext 1 Their schedule can be found here:

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