Barbecue on the Bow 2015

Barbecue on the Bow tent

Typically in barbecue season we like to keep the staff in the stores. Not in a "you'll never leave (evil laugh)" kind of way but in a "we want our best people here to help our customers find the best barbecues" kind of way. But alas, barbecue season is coming to an end and everyone’s starting to get a little restless. We needed to find a way to get out into the barbecue community.

For the past couple of years at our Calgary locations, we’ve been involved with Barbecue on the Bow, the ultimate end of summer barbecue competition. Hosted in Eau Claire Market, the competition has been around for years and is a staple event for Calgary in our short short summers.

We’ll be at Barbecue on the Bow this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, talking all things barbecue with anyone who will listen to us. Our booth won’t have any food - we're just as sad about this as you are, but we will have a toasty gas firepit to show off. Its supposed to be a pretty chilly weekend, in typical Calgary long weekend fashion, so I’m sure we’ll be able to pull you away from the samples long enough to stop in and warm up.

We’re wishing the Rocky Mountain Smokers the best of luck at this year’s Barbecue on the Bow competition. We’ve been sponsoring this team for two years now and they never fail to deliver delicious barbecue. They’re ranked number three in Alberta right now! We even had Kris stop by earlier this year and give our staff a brisket breakdown. Needless to say, next year we’ll plan for an afternoon demo as most of the staff spent the day is a delicious brisket food coma.

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