Barbecues Galore Friday Lunches 2015

Each winter we spend our Friday afternoons dining together in big Barbecues Galore family fashion. Every one takes a turn, and no food goes un-grilled. Our rules are pretty simply - You must cook your food on the barbecue. It's not rocket science. We couldn't really call ourselves Barbecues Galore and let someone cook on the stove.

Every year is a risk - Will you be the one stuck cooking on the -30 degree day? Will you have to brush the snow off the barbecue each time you need to check your food? Will you be lucky enough to grill during a Calgary chinook, where the weather is +15 in January? We're serious barbecue enthusiasts - we don't offer rain checks for snow - get out there, and wish for better weather next year.

Each week we'll post some pictures from our delicious lunches and a bit of a description on what we indulged in. See something you like? Comment below and we'll get you the recipe!

Friday, October 2nd

Cindy barbecues a delicious ham and mac and cheese feast at the Calgary North store, complete with grilled peaches and ice cream for dessert.


Cindy grilling peaches on the Broil King Keg Ham smoking away on the Broil King Keg Mac and cheese on the Napoleon P450

Friday, October 9th 

Ross treated the staff at our Calgary North location to a Vietnamese takeout style feast, cooked on our favourite barbecue - the Broil King Keg of course!

Ross cooking Vietnamese pork on the Broil King KegPork smoking on the Broil King Keg The finished product - a takeout style Vietnamese lunch

Friday, October 16th

Lindsay's honey chicken and grilled pineapple had us all begging for more - with she obliged with a grilled peach cobbler.

Lindsay and her grilled honey chicken at our North location in Calgary, AlbertaGrilled honey chicken action shot - flipping the chicken Grilled pineapple on the barbecue

Larry treated the Calgary South store to some homemade hamburgers grilled up on the Broil King Keg.

Larry Grilling on the Broil King Keg Larry Flipping the Burgers on the Broil King Keg

Friday, October 23rd

Pete showed us an alternative use for the turkey fryer this week, as he cooked up some delicious clam chowder - complete with clams he brought back from a recent trip to the coast. I think we'll all admit though, that the highlight of his lunch was the dessert pizza smothered in chocolate. Whatever will he come up with next year.

Pete's grilled dessert pizza on the Broil King Keg
Pete's grilled clam chowder and corn bread Pete's grilled dessert pizza

Friday,October 30th

This was Mark's first year cooking at Barbecues Galore. He hit it out of the park with some delicious fajitas.

Mark grilling fajitas on the Broil King Keg
Mark's amazing fajitas Mark grilling onions on the Brander Chuckwagon griddle

Friday, November 6th

First off - we are so lucky that it is November and still t-shirt weather in Calgary. This won't last long. Mike took advantage of the nice weather and grilled up some amazing homemade burgers complete with his own homemade sauces (we don't believe in ketchup around here).

Mike grilling bacon on the Brander Chuckwagon griddle
Homemade burgers on the grill The finished product - complete with homemade sauce and fresh avacado

Friday, November 13th 

Summy has become master of chicken wings on the Broil King Keg. It's become somewhat of a signature dish for her around here and they always turn out heavenly.

Summy grilling up chicken wings on the Broil King Keg
Grilled chicken wings waiting to be devoured A feast for Friday lunch

Friday, November 20th

Sonya's always got a smile on her face - even when she's barbecuing outside in the winter. She treated us to some fantastic fish tacos and some home baked cookies that I'll dreaming about until I'm 80.

Sonya grilling up fish tacos on the Brander Chuckwagon griddle.
Grilling fish on the Brander Chuckwagon griddle Grilled sausage tacos

Friday, November 27th

Sonny owns a restaurant in Northwest Calgary in his spare time, so his food never disappoints. This year he whipped up some Vietnamese pork and grilled veggies.

Sonny grilling Vietnamese pork at the Calgary North store.
Grilled Vietnamese pork Vietnamese noodle salad

Friday, December 4th

Solveig has been perfecting her black bean burgers for years. And trust me - she's nailed it. We're meat eaters around here, but the complaints stopped the moment we bit into these delicious bites of heaven. Solveig is our resident vegetarian, and shares some of her amazing vegetarian grilling recipes with us in her Meatless Monday posts. We've made sure that these are next on the list, so everyone gets a chance to enjoy them.

Solveig grilling black bean burgers and sweet potato friesSolveig's heavenly black bean burgers Grilled black bean burgers with sweet potato fries

Friday, December 11th

It was a pretty chilly day in Calgary, but we don't back down from a challenge. Anthony chose to move some of his grilling into our very well-ventilated warehouse (we absolutely don't recommend grilling indoors to anyone at home). Anthony treated us to some delicious chicken fried rice, grilled veggies, and super moist marinated pork. 

Anthony cooking chicken fried rice on the Chuckwagon griddleAnthony grilling pork on the barbecue Anthony's lunch of chicken fried rice, grilled veggies, and marinated pork

Friday, January 11th

Kryton grilled up some burgers big enough to feed a small family for a week. He stuffed his burgers using one of our favourite accessories - the Stuff-A-Burger from Charcoal Companion. Kryton likes this accessory so much, he even starred in our YouTube video for it (which you can check out on the product page). 

Kryton grilling up stuffed burgers
Kryton stuffing his burgers using the Stuff-A-Burger Kryton's stuffed burgers

Friday, January 22nd

Krystin cooked us some delicious stuffed peppers on the Broil King Keg. She even grilled some heavenly apple crisp that did not last long.

Krystin grilling stuffed peppers on the Broil King KegApple crisp on the barbecue Stuffed peppers on the Broil King Keg

Friday, January 29th

Ryan marinated his chicken for 24 hours, and boy was it worth the wait. He marinated his chicken in a citrus rosemary sauce that was to die for. We won't be forgetting this one for a while.

Ryan cooking chicken on the Broil King Keg
Ryan with the Looftlighter Ryan's delicious citrus rosemary chicken

Friday, February 5th

Trevor kept it simple - but delicious, with some barbecued ribs and a potato salad (which had some very questionable green pieces, that actually turned out to be peas). He even gave our photographer Neil a bit of a demo with the Looftlighter.

Trevor cutting up barbecue ribs
Trevor lighting the Broil King Keg with help from the Looftlighter Trevor's delicious barbecued ribs

Coming up this week...

Seranda and her amazing chef of a husband, Harold, are cooking up something big. They're keeping it pretty hush hush, but they never disappoint.

Stop by next week to check it out!

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