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Store Manager/Assistant Manager

Currently seeking the best assistant managers.

Positions available at the following locations:



  • Managing the client experience from start to finish with an intense focus on superior customer service
  • Hiring, retention and direct supervision or approximately 10-30 retail associates.
  • The in-store safety of both our customers and co-workers
  • Just about anything else you can think of when you think of being a chief decision maker in a competitive retail organization


  • At least two years experience managing a multi-million dollar retail environment. If you don't have at least five years experience then don't bother applying for the job. (Of course, it's a free country, you can send us the resume if you like but, rest assured, that without this experience showing on your resume, it will be lining our parakeet cage in very short order.)
  • Longevity. We place a high value on hard work and loyalty. Applicants with a resume showing extended tenures in previous jobs will be given priority.
  • A sense of teamworkThere is no “I” in ‘Barbecue’ (truthfully, there is an “I” in ‘Fireplace’ and a couple of them in ‘Patio Furniture’ but let’s ignore that for the purposes of this discussion).   We are not big on rules and procedures compared to some companies but we’re deadly serious about acting as a team.  If you prefer golf, squash and the caber-toss over hockey, soccer and polo – we might not be a good fit for each other.
  •  Decision Making.  In this job, you will have to make lots of decisions.  Some of them will not be perfect.  We are ok with that.  Are you?

  • We expect a lot of our Store Managers.  You need to be good at sales, employee management, merchandising, customer relations and much more.  This is not a good spot for a one-trick pony (actually, it’s a bad spot for any ponies – some of us have allergies).


  • The co-workers are awesome.
  • Salary level: This is a high-paced, demanding job. We know that. We also know that someone that can do this job well commands a particular salary level. We want to know what level of compensation you deserve. So... tell us.
  • We're in the retail business. If you have a thin skin and/or low tolerance for dealing with the public, this is not the job for you.
  • We sell barbecues and outdoor products. If you need extra time off in the spring and summer, this is not the job for you.
  • This job, like all others we've experiences, is not perfect. It compares poorly to spending your days lying on the beach and drinking daquiris. However, we firmly believe in the "life is what you make it" school of though. So, if you're willing to put some effort into shaping the company you work for, this may be an excellent fit for you.


To apply for this position, please submit your resume, cover letter and salary expectations to the appropriate Manager below:

Calgary South:

Debra Horton debrah@barbecuesgalore.ca

GTA Locations:

Paul Johnson paulj@barbecuesgalore.ca


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