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Now Hiring: Gas Fitter (Calgary, AB) & G3 Gas Fitter (Burlington, ON)

To apply for this position, application videos must be sent in from your desktop using a camera and microphone, or you may also do the video application using your smart phone. Click here to apply.

About Us

Barbecues Galore is an independent Canadian retailer with five stores, two in Calgary, and three in Ontario (Oakville, Burlington and Etobicoke). Because we have a narrow focus, we are experts in the products we sell and how we sell them. In business since 1979, we have always been committed to an ethical and responsible approach to both our staff and our customers.

A genuine desire to help people and a healthy respect for co-workers are absolutely essential qualities for prospective employees.

We are seeking a Gas Fitter in Calgary, AB and a G3 Gas Fitter in Burlington, ON.



  • Installing fireplaces, inserts, and stoves
  • Estimating and installing natural gas lines
  • Serving gas fireplaces and barbecues
  • Delivering barbecues and working as part of our delivery team in the barbecue season (April to September)
  • Assisting with store projects and overseeing the installation and upkeep of our two showrooms as required

Job Requirements

  • Working for us you will be installing fireplaces in customers living rooms and as such, this means you must be professional at all times, you have to be cautious of your surroundings and ensure we are protecting the customer’s largest asset (their home) at all times.

  • Look we get it; you can run a gas line…this is way more than that. You have to be skilled in a lot of areas. Some of the skills required are reading manuals, being highly customer focused (you are a salesman and installer) and you must have exceptional problem-solving skills. You must be able to assemble finished trims and products without fingermarks. This is not a hot water tank that no one will ever see, it’s the focal point of their home so it must be perfect.

  • Although this position does not require weekend work year-round it does require some Saturday and Sunday work during our peak seasons. This is nonnegotiable.

  • Due to the fact that many people are sensitive to strong odors in their home, our installers must be non-smokers.


  • Class B gas ticket required (AB) or G3 Certification (ON)

  • Safety conscious

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Superior customer service skills

  • Strong communication skills – written and verbal

Things You Should Know About the Job

  • On the plus side, unlike just about all other plumbing and gas jobs out there, there is no “on call” component to this position. Your time is your time, always.

  • Salary level: This is a high-paced, demanding job. We know that. We also know that someone that can do this job well commands a particular salary level. We want to know what level of compensation you deserve. So…tell us. Only applicants that include salary expectations with their resume will be considered for the job.

  • We’re in the retail business. We are a customer focused business and as part of your job requirement you will be dealing with the homeowner directly so, if you can’t say three sentences without using profanity, this position is not for you.

  • This is a hands on, manual labour position requiring you to work at heights in poor weather for short periods of time so, if you have ever been diagnosed with Ergophobia, Acrophobia or Cheimatophobia , this position is not for you.

  • This job, like all others we’ve experienced, is not perfect. It compares poorly to spending your days lying on the beach and drinking daiquiris. However, we firmly believe in the “life is what you make it” school of thought so, if you’re willing to put some effort in shaping the company you work for, this may be an excellent opportunity for you.

Job Types: Full-time

Salary: Up to $40.00 per hour

To apply for this position, application videos must be sent in from your desktop using a camera and microphone, or you may also do the video application using your smart phone. Click here to apply.

You will be required to download a FREE app that will guide you through the video interview phase.

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