A Brief History of Woods Fireplaces (And Why It's In Our Name)

We have one company but we’ve got two names:  Barbecues Galore and Woods Fireplaces.  This wasn’t planned – it just sorta happened.  The 2 names came about after we bought the Woods fireplaces company in 1996; we originally intended to use the Woods name for a few years and then let it fade away into retail history.  Trouble is, the name wouldn’t die – it’s been in the fireplace business for so long that people kept referring to it ALL THE TIME.  So, like generations of strong business professionals before us: we just gave up.   And now we have two names.

In 1938, Woods Manufacturing Company was manufacturing cement fireplaces in Calgary.  Over the years the business changed and evolved but the focus on fireplaces was a constant. To this day, Woods stands for integrity and value in the Canadian fireplace industry.

And a fireplace is something a lot of you are probably thinking about lately.  These are the days when the basement is cold and the tv room could probably use a little heat too.  Whether you’re hoping to convert an existing wood burning fireplace into an efficient gas fireplace or you’re installing a fireplace into a new location in your home; we’ve got the products and the expertise to make your wish come true.

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