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Fact: this is the most delicious time of the year. From pumpkin pie to apple crumble; thick, flavour-packed gravy to tangy cranberry sauce; crispy-skinned turkey to creamy mashed potatoes… it’s all good. There is one thing, however, that not everyone can agree on when it comes to autumn flavours: pumpkin beer!

Pumpkin spice everything is coming

As Calgary’s The Daily Beer points out, most people have a love or hate feeling toward the gourd-spiced brew. Some love the seasonal drink, others think it’s a ridiculous trend. Where do you stand in the “Great Pumpkin Ale Debate?” Head to our Facebook or Twitter pages and let us know. We’re counting on you to provide us with statistics, pumpkin beer facts, and all sorts of nonsense to help entertain us during the chilly months ahead. Regardless of where you stand, we can all agree that beer paired with a turkey dinner is one of the greatest joys of life – and to that, we will raise a glass on Thanksgiving.

Now that we’ve got our beverage situation sorted, let’s talk turkey! Apparently the tasty birds are native to the Americas and have been around for about 11 million years. They’ve also been enjoyed in the kitchens of people for thousands of years. We can see it now…

Caveman: “grunt.”

Cavewoman: “gruntah.”

Caveman: “guh.”

Cavewoman: “garunt.”

Translation of scenario: adorable cave family enjoying delicious, bountiful dinner of roast turkey, stuffing, local vegetables, and mastodon gravy. We threw that last bit in there for historical accuracy.

Turkey Facebook

No matter how you prepare it (mastodon gravy or not), turkey is delicious. Make your bird a tasty one by brining it with this Apple Sage Brining Kit, and then frying it in this fryer, or, if you still have some questions, ask one of the turkeys (err… awesome employees) at our stores. They know their stuff.

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