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Gotta Have It | Rib Racks

You thought you had it all.

You were in last year, you got those cute picnic tablecloth weights, you bought some plastic dishes and some super sauces to try... But do you have a rib rack? You don't? You NEED one! Rib racks let you cook more ribs with the same space, and more ribs is better. Of course. Actually, we have racks for everything from fish to foul, so be sure to check out the food stability and stacking section next time you're in.


Lot's of great barbecued food gets eaten in Memphis. However, the calling card of this barbecue city is the pork rib. Ribs are tasty. Ribs are good. And that's why some genius invented 'the rib rack'. This handy wire gizmo allows you to - get this: cook more ribs with the same space. Basically turning something great into something that is 100% super-awesomeness. Easy to use, inexpensive to buy - if you like ribs, you should have a few of these in your barbecue quiver.

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