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Four Gotta Have Products

We regularly stock several all-natural, hardwood charcoals from Argentina. Right now our most popular is 'Wicked Good'. It smells like heaven when starting to burn and provides beautifully consistent heat. Furthermore, it's 100% natural. Not stuffed with vile, satanic, tumor-causing, puppy-hating, canto-pop loving, 'mystery' ingredients. Live longer: use natural charcoal.

Another Argentine import: this rugged outdoor pizza oven. Built like a tank for outdoor use. Produce true 'forno' style pizza for a fraction of the price of an indoor pizza oven. Trust us, if you love pizza, you've got to have one of these. A heavy duty burn chamber and a ceramic lining on the cooking chamber are the keys to a crisp bottom crust and an evenly melted top (on your pizza).

This one's not from Argentina; it's a cast iron cooking grill for a 22.5" Weber kettle. Those of you that cook on the Weber kettles know that the design of the barbecue itself is peerless but the construction of the cooking grill is uh...not peerless: it's chrome coated, doesn't hold the heat and is too lightweight for some heavy grilling. Enter, our new, rugged, cast iron grill. If you've got a Weber kettle, this grill is a must-have.

Lots of fun, new products in the stores these days. We're particularly excited about the new Pecan and Apple chunks from Weber. As you may know we stock a large assortment of various fruit woods but finding them in larger chunks such as these is a tall order. We're not sure if these chunks will be regularly available or not so, if you're interested, you should grab them while you can...

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