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Gotta Have Doctor McGrillemups Sauce

Doctor McGrillemups Barbecue Sauce

One night, after twelve peach bellinis and 65 extra-hot chicken wings, our top barbecue people decided we needed our own barbecue sauce.  Something sweet, something special and something crammed with garlic.  We wanted a sauce that would transcend its host and taste scrumptious on almost anything that we decided to barbecue.  Oh, and kids had to like it too.  The result?  Doctor McGrillemups old tyme, all-natural, fortified grilling tonic.   It’s a near perfect finishing sauce on whatever you’re grilling.  Like many sauces it’s made with a lot of sugar (well, honey actually but you get the drift), so don’t try to use it as a marinade (sugar burns).  Baste it on your food a minute or two before you take it off the grill.  Try spreading it on buffalo flank steak just before the steak is finished…hmmm, heaven.
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