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Gotta Have Umbrella

Look, I realize that the sun has forsaken us forever. I also realize that our climactic future is full of nothing but cold, wet, apocalyptic 'seasons' that will make 'The Road' look like Sesame Street. But. But. But. If (big 'if') the clouds and rain ever do lift. If the sun ever does come out. If it actually gets...hot. Then you'll need an umbrella. And, oh brother, do we have umbrellas. We've got all kinds of colours, we've got all kinds of sizes. We've got umbrellas that stay still, we've got umbrellas that contort themselves and stretch out like a yoga instructor full of Percocet.  

So...'if' (there's that word again) it does get sunny - come and see us: we've got an umbrella for you. 


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