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Gotta Have It | The Space Grill

“The Spacegrill” is the newest addition to our growing selection of charcoal barbecues and it kicks pork rump (or shoulder or loin or whatever).  This is not a ‘low and slow’ covered grill – this is an open top, testosterone drenched, ‘light it and fight it’ grill full of cool features and gadgets.  The solid stainless steel rod grills move up/down and turn sideways. Cool.

There’s an ash catcher for easy cleaning.  There are neat-oh hooks on the side for all your tools.  There are detachable bamboo shelves to give you lots of work surfaces.  In short:  fill it with charcoal, get it real hot, cook loads and loads of food and never, ever turn your back on it.  Oh, and, if the wind comes up, there’s no hood to cover things up so this is not a typhoon friendly barbecue.  After we had ash blown all over our backyard we are now recommending the fitted vinyl cover for this unit when it is not in use.

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