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Gotta Have It | The Sizzle Q

Check out these griddles we have in all four stores.  These all-stainless griddles are a joy to cook on.  Perfect for bacon, pancakes, bacon, quesadillas, bacon, Panini sandwiches, bacon, stir-fries and bacon.  These are tough little griddles that are built to withstand lots of use and abuse outdoors. 

This is the Sizzle Q griddle. It’s a pitch-perfect tool for cooking pancake breakfasts on your barbecue. Heavy duty stainless steel construction complete with a grease channel up front just in case you get carried away with the sausages you’re cooking. My favourite part is the 3” tall sidewall which routinely saves your bacon – seriously.

They’ve got cross braces on the underside of the griddle to prevent warping.  And there’s a grease channel along the front of the griddle to catch any extra fat that might drain off of anything greasy your cooking. The most impressive piece of this griddle as far as I’m concerned is the walls. 

The short, stubby walls allow you to move your food around the griddle without little pieces falling over the sides into your barbecue.  Other griddles we sell work well but you always have to be careful about ‘jumpers’ going over the sides and through your grills.

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