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Gotta Have It | Turkey Fryers

Certainly without the equipment, you can inject and marinate all you want – you still won’t get a deep fried bird. You’ll need a few more items in your kit to really do the trick.

To start with, you’ll need a turkey frying kit.  Most kits consist of a burner element, a big ‘ol pot with lid, a hook or cage to hold the turkey and a high temperature thermometer.  Our kit has a painted black stand and an aluminum pot.

The best part about the turkey fryers we sell is the tap on the side of the pot.  It’s essential - and if you’re struggling to figure that out, maybe you have a better idea for how to pour a massive vat of used peanut oil. Right. Get a tap.

There’s some other important items you’ll want to pick up before trying this at home… including a grease mat, because it’s cleaner and it’s also safer when the oil splatters, which it inevitably does. They come in a variety of sizes too.

Check out our Turkey Fryer Recipe along with our Turkey Fryer Troubleshooting Guide.


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