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Gotta Have IT | Why You Need A Grill Topper

Whenever you're grilling small items such as smaller mushrooms or mushroom pieces, you can never go wrong by using a 'grill-topper'. These handy trays let the heat from your grill come up without letting your food go down. We've got them in various shapes and sizes. The porcelain coated toppers are easier to clean, the stainless steel toppers will last longer.

 Brander porcelain coated grill topper with vegetables on top of a barbecues


Why You Need A Grill Topper

  • No self respecting griller should be without some type of grill-topper.  
  • These handy gadgets allow you to grill the un-grillable: those tiny little pieces of food that would ordinarily fall through your cooking grills. Things like chopped vegetables, shrimp and cubed meat.
  • The grill-toppers come in many shapes and sizes.
  • There are stainless steel versions which will last a long, long time and withstand a lot of abuse. There are porcelain coated versions which are easy to clean.  Food doesn’t stick to the porcelain versions as much but you need to use a non metallic spatula to ensure you don’t chip the porcelain coating. We prefer using the grill-toppers with side walls – either round or wok shaped.  W
  • hen ‘stir-frying’ small items on the grill the sides allow you to move items around without them jumping out of the topper and through your cooking grills.

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