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Christmas Gift Baskets


Dear Doctor M,

I need to buy some Christmas gifts for a group of clients and, having given them a golf shirt with a logo on it for the last 15 years in a row, I'm thinking I might be due for a change. Any ideas?

With Thanks,

Ina Rutt


Dearest Ina,

Hmmmm....let's think... Nope. Can't think of anything. No. Wait.

How about this: maybe you could buy some of the beautiful, well-priced and professionally wrapped gift baskets from Barbecues Galore and see how those go over?

In our experience, anyone that likes to eat loves to get one of our baskets. We have a large selection of pre-wrapped baskets in a variety of price points in our stores. Or, if you'd rather, we'll custom build a series of baskets for you depending on your preferences.

Good luck!

Dr. McGrillemup

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