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Gotta Have the Turkey Cannon

True, the sight of it invites the odd slightly off-colour comment… but the turkey cannon is to turkey, what a beer can is to chicken, which, as anyone who has tried beer can chicken can attest, means a reliably delicious, moist, succulent bird. Because the heat and moisture are ‘delivered’, as it were, right to the centre of the bird, turkeys cooked on the barbecue this way tend to cook more quickly, so be aware and watch that thermometer.

No need to rise at dawn on Christmas day to get that turkey cooking either. In fact, you can even wait for the sun to be well over the yardarm, enjoy a little bit of wine or beer, pour the rest in the cannon and THEN start to cook your bird. Now, THAT’S relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, you should probably consider a remote thermometer if you really want to relax with that wine or beer. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with the bird on the barbecue from the comfort of your couch – and you won’t have to keep lifting the lid every few minutes to find out.


Turkey Cannon

Perfect for both Thanksgiving or Christmas birds, this rude looking gizmo does for turkeys what a beer-can recipe does for chickens.  You won’t believe how much more moist and flavourful your turkey will be when you use this thing. And (as if you need more reasons to get one), you completely free up the space in your oven. No, you cannot make in-turkey stuffing while using the cannon but yes, you can still make damn tasty gravy. The fact is that we can give you an ironclad guarantee that everyone in your entire family will have a superior Christmas experience if you use the cannon. Trust us.

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