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FAQ Low stress Christmas shopping

Question: Where’s the least stressful spot in the whole Western World to do your Christmas shopping?

Answer: Barbecues Galore – no lineups, loads of free parking, no crowds, competitive pricing (cookbooks at US pricing!), prewrapped toolsets, and gift baskets already made up etc.  Blah, blah, blah

10 Barbecue Gift Ideas for the barbecue people: - Everyone needs new tools – a brush, a silicon basting brush, the newest spatula, are always welcome; - Fun sauces to try are always a hit – and we have a huge variety; - How about a new cookbook – yes, sometimes it is worth following a recipe! - Why think small – what about a smoker, or a new barbecue?! - A charcoal chimney and some real charcoal to go with it? - How about a fun starter for charcoal barbecue. - Bowls and accessories. - Apron, oven mits, etc. Why launder the old stuff, when new stuff is all right here? - Remote thermometer - Barbecue cookbooks, like Stephen Raichlen’s Marinades book, or, or..
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