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Gotta Have an Infrared Burner

Have you cooked on a charcoal barbecue lately?  Remember how, once the coals were uniformly glowing, the heat that came off them was intense and even?  That’s the type of heat you always want when you’re grilling quickly.  And, now there’s a way, outside of using charcoal, to get it.  Many barbecue manufacturers are putting “infrared burners” in the bottom of their barbecues.  These barbecues use the same amount of fuel as ordinary burners but they get very hot, very fast.  In summer these burners are beautiful to cook on but in winter, they’re unbeatable.  Napoleon claims that their infrared burner will get their grill up to 1200 degrees in about one minute!  Now that’s the kind of grill you want when the brass monkeys are looking nervous!

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