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Gotta Have Fireplace Accessories

We carry a wide assortment of high quality wood, gas and electric fireplaces in all four of our stores. If you already have a fireplace and you need some accessories to make it more fun or functional, we've got that too.

Fireplace Accessories at Barbecues Galore


We carry a huge range of accessories for both gas and wood fireplaces.  Everything from decorative tool sets to functional wood holders in a wide variety of designs and styles.    We’ve got a great assortment to choose from and can custom order an even greater variety if you wish.

We have a dizzying (yes, dizzying; 'vertiginous even') selection of fireplace toolsets and accessories at this time of year. Tool sets, safety screens, log holders, wood carriers, we've got it all. All of it is top quality and made for years of hard work.

Do you need a fireplace screen to keep little hands away from the heat? We've got it. How about a rugged set of fireplace tools to make things easier for your household pyromaniac? We've got that too.

Fireplace Toolsets

As we're sure you're aware, we are the world's reigning champ of fireplace toolsets. Find the colour that matches your setting or the set that has all of the tools you could possibly want. Sets come with either four or five pieces 

Fireplace Tools

Most common tools found in a fireplace toolset include:

  • Poker
  • Tong
  • Broom / brush
  • Ash Shovel
  • Stand (yes, the stand is part of the piece count - not our choice)


Fireplace Screens

One of the most popular items these days is a firescreen.  Many people are buying these as child guards to prevent children from burning their hands on the hot glass of a fireplace.


Fire Grates / Cradles

In addition to just about every other fireplace accessory know to the Western World, we carry a complete selection of fireplace grates (you know, the ‘steel bit that holds up the wood bits’). These wonderful little cradles enhance your wood burning fireplace by allowing the air to circulate underneath the logs. More air means more fire. 
Keith hand-makes fireplace grates for our Calgary stores in the bustling town of Delburne, Alberta.  And he delivers them in this cool, old blue truck.  How’s that for “buy local”. So yeah, come and buy a grate – Winter is Coming.
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