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Gotta Have It | Portable Barbecues

Have you been grilling all your meals lately? Breakfast, lunch and dinner? Remember that feeling you had this past fall/winter when you thought "Golly, I'd really like to go outside and grill a steak but, since it's minus five billion Celsius and my barbecue is covered in 16 feet of snow, maybe I'll have some more pasta"? Remember that?

Sure you do. So, now that it's at least above zero - get outside. Grill everything. Meat, vegetables, cheerios - the works.And, grilling shouldn't stop once you leave your backyard. Now more than ever, there is a whole raft of grilling products that make it easy for you to grill on the go.

 Weber Smokey Joe being used on a beach

Outside of a cold, boring sandwich and a bag of trail-mix, grilled grub is easily the most portable cooking method going. I can guarantee you it's a whole lot easier than picnicking with your microwave oven. Whether you prefer the convenience of portable gas grill or you're a traditionalist looking for the true charcoal experience, it's all possible.

Napoleon TravelQ Portable Barbecue In use On A Balcony

Just because 'portable' is in the name doesn't mean that they can't stay put but rather that they can be taken along for the ride. With the population increasing - must be all of those cold winters - developers are building housing up and not out creating lots of balconies. Little known fact - balconies love barbecues and portable barbecues just so happen to fit perfectly on a balcony. 

Note: Not all landlords love barbecues on balconies so check first. 


For more on portable barbecues and their benefits watch this short video:

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