Gotta Have It | Backyard Coolers

Our line of backyard patio coolers (handy in a “heat-wave”!) has expanded and is currently more colourful than a Louis C.K. stand up routine. Some coolers are selling faster than others so hurry in to get the one you want.


We do a roaring trade in outdoor coolers. They're just the thing to keep cold drinks close to you when you're an unbearable 30' or more away from your fridge. We’ve got a wide selection styles to suit your needs from 18 Qt. portable coolers to 87 Qt. wooden coolers.


Portable Coolers

Available in two sizes and colours, these little fellas are perfect for taking down to the beach or for your own personal cooler by the fire or visiting friends. (The 18qt holds roughly a 12-pack of beer - bottles or cans.)



Party Starter Coolers

These are our original coolers. We’ve been selling these guys for years in a variety of colours. Like a unicorn, having the perfect amount of each colour in-stock is ever-elusive so if one catches your eye, you better grab it before someone else does!

  • 80-quart capacity is perfect for keeping all of your food and bevvies nice and cold
  • Bottle opener and catch bucket help keep the place tidy so you don’t need to scour the place for caps afterwards
  • Bi-fold lid with knobs provide easy access to your cold goodies
  • Rolling castors and handles make these coolers highly portable. Like Linus and his blanket, you can take your cooler everywhere with you. Some people may judge you – but not us. We’re not the judgy type!
  • Available in retro colours or Stainless Steel

Brander Party Starter Coolers


Wooden Backyard Coolers

With a rustic charm and a Western feel. these coolers are great for adding some style to your outdoor space without clashing with your patio furniture. Unless it's beige, then you definitely want one of the coloured coolers to spice things up a bit. 

  • Choose between 57-quart and 87-quart capacity
  • Aluminum liner and screw cap drain keep your drinks cool and make for easy clean up
  • Built in bottle cap opener so you don't have to worry about keeping one handy

Wooden Backyard Coolers

Patio Kitchenette

A multi-function cooler, sink, beverage cart combination. Like a mini kitchen for your patio - hence Patio Kitchenette!

  • 55-quart cooler with sink compartment
  • Oodles of storage space
  • Sink tap hooks up to standard garden hoses
  • Wheeled cart design makes it easy to bring the party with you

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