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Tipster: Buy Kamados for Value

A wise person once said “Buy the best, cry once”. A fine sentiment. However, I might tweak it a bit. I’d say something more like “Don’t buy garbage and expect your friends to put up with you complaining about it.” (I admit that, as a proverb, this needs work.) In the last thirty years of selling barbecues, we’ve learned that it’s not always necessary to buy the best in order to realize true value from your purchase but, neither is it possible to find value when buying the worst product. There are currently lots and lots of Kamado style cookers available in the marketplace. Some of them are ‘great’ products, some of them are ‘good’ products and, some of them are ‘horrible’ products. Do your research. Avoid buying a product that you will end up throwing out in a year or two because it doesn’t perform the way it ought to. My tip: if you suspect that the machine is engineered and built by people that wouldn’t have a clue on how to actually use the product – then it’s probably not something that will meet your expectations.

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