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Gotta Have It | Rome Industries Pie Irons

For about twenty or so years we’ve been selling ‘pie irons’ from a company called Rome Industries. They’re a small, family-owned business in Peoria, Illinois that makes the world’s best pie irons which (as if you didn’t know) is one of the best ways ever invented to cook something using a campfire.

Rome Industries Pie Irons in a campfire.

The result? A pie (of sorts). Tasty, cheap and subject to a ridiculous amount of invention, the pie iron is a true redneck culinary gadget. Some 'classic' fillings for your pie-iron cooking include: marshmallows and chocolate, canned pie filling and ham and cheese.

Square Pie Irons

Square pie irons are the perfect match for your grilled cheese or toasty PB & J sandwiches. Available in single and double square, these pie irons should be a staple in your camping and fire pit tool repertoire. 

Rome Square Pie Iron with Cheese

Waffle Pie Irons

You seem like a pretty smart person, but in case we've misjudged, these pie irons are for making waffles. Who woulda thunk it.... Nothing beats waffles in the morning - especially when you're camping. Get the luxury of tasty breakfasts anywhere there's fire. 

Rome Waffle Pie Irons

Dog n Brat Pie Irons

We carry just about every shape and size of pie iron they produce and they have a newer model that is germane to today’s topic: the “Dog’n Brat Cooker”. Two exquisite, cast-iron tubes will surround your hot dogs (and any other ingredients you see fit to eat) with intense, gourmet, heat from your camp fire. Once you pie-iron a meal, you’ll never waste another campfire again.

 Rome Dog n Brat Pie Irons

Still not sure which one you want? Or maybe you want them all? Stop by our shops and we can help you narrow it down. 

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