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Gotta Get Gift Baskets

A reminder: we assemble some really swanky gift baskets full of unique barbecue products for Christmas presents.

Every year at this time, our select team of barbecue elves are busy assembling a variety of barbecue baskets. We've got all kinds of creative, classy baskets to choose from. They're all chock-full of fun, interesting grilling gadgets of all shapes and sizes. We can even do custom orders if you've got a special request. So, if you're tired of giving away baskets of cheddar cheese and stale crackers -- give us a call.

All sorts of options and price levels are available. If you need to put together a Christmas gift program for your company, give us a call. If you talk to us soon we can customize some unique baskets that will give you exactly what you want. It's either that or give your customers another baggy golf shirt stuffed into another stainless steel coffee mug that they'll try to give away to the new guy in the shipping department before the Christmas holidays even start.

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