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Barbecues Galore Gift Guide December 12th 2014

Only 12 days left until the big man flies! Have you bought all the presents for everyone on your list? If you answered no, we can help! We’ve got gifts that can help you check off just about everyone on your list – chefs, barbecue enthusiasts, patio sun worshipers, campers and more!

Here are four gift ideas to get you started. You can always come in to our stores and tell us who you’re looking to cross off your list and how much you’d like to spend and our staff will be more than happy to help! Gift cards always do the trick too!     

Stocking Stuffer — Perfect Steak Marinade

Some steaks taste best with just a little salt and pepper or Montreal steak spice. Others are a little tougher and need a little time to themselves to rest in a bath of marinade. The Perfect Steak Marinade from Broil King is just that, the perfect marinade.

$25 — Charcoal Companion Pit Mitt

You know the expression ‘in your hot little hands’? Well that isn’t going to be possible if you are wearing the Pit Mitt! Protect your hands from the heat up to 475°F.Smoking and grilling is a lot more fun without burns and hospital visits. If you’re from Missouri, the show me state, you should probably just take our word on this one and not try to handle hot stuff with your bare hands.

$50 — Broil King Keg Pizza Stone

“Broil King Keg Pizza Stone” is really an alias for “super great ceramic stone that can be used on any barbecue”. Pizza stones are great for more than just pizza with the perfect crust. You can use them to bake on, make nachos, or even quesadillas.

$100—Maverick ET733 Thermometer

We told you last week that Maverick made some of the best thermometers in the industry. We haven’t changed our minds in the last seven days so we are suggesting their newest thermometer – the ET733. You can choose whether you want to monitor the temperature of two foods, one food and your barbecue or two barbecues. You all have two barbecues right? 
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