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5 Essential Grilling Tools

Your barbecue is capable of many things. However, sometimes it "gets by with a little help from it's friends". Last time I checked, barbecues aren't yet capable of flipping your food, telling you the internal temperature of your meat or cleaning the grates itself.

Okay, yes, some grills do come with meat probes, and yes, if you get your barbecue to a high enough temperature it may incinerate the build up on the grates, but MOST barbecues are not this advanced. 

To make the most of your barbecue and to grill all of that delicious, mouth-watering food, you will need a few essential accessories.

In our humble opinion, the most important grilling accessories you need are:

Essential Grilling Tools

Why You Need These


A Good Barbecue Brush

Cleaning your grill is super important. Assuming you care about hygiene, you wouldn't go your whole life without brushing your teeth, why would you go your whole barbecue life without cleaning the grates. Exactly, you wouldn't. Long story short.. you need a barbecue brush because you need clean grills.

We Recommend:

Brander Super Big Head Grill Brush

Weber Three Sided Grill Cleaning Brush

Brander Super Big Head BrushWeber Three Sided Grill Brush


A Pair of Long Tongs

Tongs are found in just about any kitchen and the barbecue is just as much a part of your 'kitchen' as your stove. That doesn't mean that your kitchen tongs are guaranteed to do the trick. You can get away with shrimpy tongs in the kitchen but when your arms are stretched over hot flames, you'll be wishing you took our advice and went with the long ones. 

Most foods you cook on the barbecue will require some manipulation and not everyone appreciates you touching their food with your bare hands. 

We recommend:

Brander Tuff Tongs

Broil King Stainless Steel Tongs

Brander Tuff TongBroil King Stainless Steel Tongs 64012

Spatula (also known as a Flipper)

Ever try flipping a burger with tongs? No, probably because logic tells you it won't end well; and it doesn't. Spatulas are great for turning big items like burgers and fish and for moving foods from the grill to your serving area.

We recommend:

The Duke "As Big As Your Head" Grilling Flipper

Broil King Stainless Steel Flipper


Brander The Duke Extra Large Spatula Broil King Stainless Steel Flipper

Grilling Baskets & Trays

If you like to grill vegetables, shrimp, baby potatoes or any other small food items that would normally slip through the grates, then this is a non-negotiable essential grilling accessory for you. If all you cook are burgers and dogs, it may not be as necessary for you. 

The tray versions are great for delicate foods that may stick to the grills, like fish. 

We Recommend:

Brander Porcelain Coated Wok Basket

Weber Stainless Steel Grilling Tray

Brander Porcelain Coated Wok Basket Weber Stainless Steel Grilling Tray



Whether you prefer an instant read or a remote thermometer, knowing the internal temperature of the food your cooking is imperative unless you want to become great friends with Mr. E Coli or those folks Sam & Ella.  

Remote thermometers are great if you do a lot of smoking, or foods that take longer to cook like a roast. Instant read thermometers are better for quick reads on foods like steak, burgers or chops. 

We Recommend:

Maverick ET733 Remote Thermometer

Weber Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Maverick ET733 Remote Thermometer Weber 6492 Instant Read Digital Thermometer

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