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Gift Guide | Best Barbecue Accessories of 2018

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Barbecues Galore Gift Guide - Best Barbecue Accessories of 2018

Best Barbecue Accessories of 2018

We've rounded up our most popular barbecue accessories of 2018 in this gift guide. Find the perfect gift for your favourite griller in-store or online!


 Obviously, barbecue covers and brushes are the most popular barbecue accessory out of necessity, but these ones are the accessories that will help you become the ultimate grill master and have a little fun with your cooking.



Barbecue Brain Bluetooth Thermometer

Barbecue Brain Bluetooth Thermometer - $79.99

A thermometer is an essential for any chef whether they are kitchen cooks or grill masters. This bluetooth meat thermometer lets you keep tabs on your food while you entertain your guests. No more babysitting the barbecue. 



Grilled Cheese Sandwich Basket

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Basket - $14.99

Who doesn't love the ooey-gooeyness of a grilled cheese sandwich? Exactly. This grilled cheese basket is perfect for your favourite campfire griller, but can also be used on the barbecue thanks to it's thin handle.

Broil King Side Shelf Mat

Broil King Side Shelf Mat - $16.99

You may be thinking 'What's so special about a mat?', but this silicone side shelf mat will be the gift that keeps on giving. It will protect their barbecue from scratches on the side shelf from tools, debris and general use, giving the barbecue a longer life expectancy. 

Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack

Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack - $14.99

Despite just sounding cool, the Hasselback slicing rack is versatile. Whether you're using it for potatoes or using it on meats like chicken breast or a tenderloin, it makes for some of the most flavourful dishes you can imagine. 


Charcoal Companion Salt Plate Gift Basket

Himalayan Salt Block Gift Pack - $54.99

The Salt Plate has been one of our best selling accessories for several seasons now. You can't go wrong giving this grilling gift basket to your favourite barbecue aficionado. Comes with salt plate, salt plate holder and salt plate cookbook.    

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