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Barbecues Galore Gift Guide - Chefs Must Haves

Grilling Gifts For Indoor & Outdoor Chefs

Just because we're a barbecue store, doesn't mean that the accessories we sell can't be used in the kitchen too. This grilling gift guide has something for everyone.
Get the perfect gift for the chef in your life. Whether they specialize in indoor or outdoor cooking, we've got the goods to make their holiday special.
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Brander Pizza Accessory Pack

Pizza Perfection Pack - $74.99

No matter your dietary restrictions - or lack there of - pizza can be enjoyed by all. We find it most enjoyed on the barbecue, but you can use all of these accessories to make oven pizza too. Fresh, frozen, dessert, the possibilities are endless!  



Broil King Board Serving Set

Broil King Cutting Board & Serving Set - $64.99

Whether you're hosting a rowdy guys night, a quiet night with some friends, or just a weeknight dinner with the family, this cutting board and serving set should be in every kitchen. A high quality bamboo cutting board with a double sided resin board that can be used for cutting or serving. 

Thermoworks Thermopop Instant Read Thermometer

Thermopop Instant Read Thermometer - $39.99

A digital thermometer is any chef's best friend. Make sure that your turkey is fully cooked before you try to impress your in-laws with your first attempt at homemade turkey.  


Brander Butt Grabbin Gloves

Brander Butt Grabbin Gloves - $24.99

Your hands are very important for every day life, so why not keep them safe? These heat resistant gloves are perfect for handling hot items whether you're taking them out of the oven or putting them on the grill. Sold as pair.      

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