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Barbecues Galore Gift Guide - Prewrapped gifts

Pre-Wrapped BBQ Gifts 

Our goal this holiday season: Make gift giving as easy as possible! 



We chose 7 of our favourite accessories and gift wrapped them for a quick and painless last minute gift giving solution! With a wide range of gifts at varying prices, you can check all of your favourite grillers off your Christmas list in one place!



Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Butt Grabbin' Heat Resistant Gloves $24.99

Whether you're buying this for the novelty of the name, or because you legitimately wan't to protect someone's hands from hot things, these heat resistant BBQ gloves are sure to be a hit this holiday season!   


Broil King LED Q-Lite

Broil King LED Q-Lite - $19.99

So popular we almost sold out of these last Christmas. The Broil King Q-Lite, despite being made by Broil King, is actually universal. It works on just about any barbecue handle we've seen.   It even comes with the batteries - a rare occurrence. 

Safe Scrape Bristle Free Grill Cleaner

Safe Scrape Bristle Free Grill Cleaner - $14.99

Ride the 'bristle-free' wave and get the grillers on your list a Safe Scrape this Christmas. The bristle-free alternative to traditional grill brushes, these things have been flying off our shelves since day one. 



Govino Shatterproof Wine Glass

Govino Shatterproof Wine Glass (Set of 4) - $19.99

These wine glasses are perfect for any wine lover. Comes as a gift pack of four, shatterproof stemless wine glasses. Ergonomic thumb groove helps you keep a good grip on the glass - we can't guarantee it will help you get a grip on yourself. 



Barbecue Brain Bluetooth Thermometer

Barbecue Brain Bluetooth Thermometer - $79.99

This bluetooth barbecue thermometer is a gift-giving no-brainer. There is not a grillmaster in the world who doesn't use a remote thermometer for their long cooks. It gives them the low-down on their low-and-slows to make sure the internal temperature is just right. 



Thermoworks Thermopop Instant Read Thermometer

Thermoworks Thermopop Instant Read Thermometer - $39.99

Want to see your grill friend's face light up when they open their gift? Get them a Thermopop. An insanely accurate, instant read, digital thermometer. No one likes undercooked meat, and even more so, no one likes to be the one to serve undercooked meat. Save them the embarassment. Get them a Thermopop.  

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