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Thermometer Gift Guide

Who needs a food thermometer? Anyone who cooks meat. Indoor or outdoor.


 Whether your favourite chef prefers to cook in the kitchen, on the barbecue or a hybrid, a meat thermometer is one of the most important tools and one of the best gifts for chefs of any sort!



Barbecue Brain Bluetooth Thermometer

Barbecue Brain Bluetooth Thermometer - $79.99

So smart, we named this bluetooth barbecue thermometer the Barbecue Brain. It does the thinking for you (or your favourite griller). Just program it to the internal temperature of the meat you're cooking and it will let you know when dinner's ready. Sadly, it does not make your sides for you. Maybe in 2025 we'll have the Barbecue Robot. 



Weber iGrill thermometer at Barbecues Galore

Weber iGrill Thermometers - From $69.99

The iGrill collection from Weber features three remote thermometers each with it's own special powers. The iGrill3 (the newest of the bunch) works only with the Weber Genesis II series.  

Thermoworks Thermopop

Thermoworks Thermopop Instant Read Thermometer - $39.99

This instant-read Thermopop thermometer is perfect for lefties and righties alike! The display turns so it's alway legible from any angle! Finally something for those left-handed friends who struggle to measure temperatures.   

Maverick Flip Action Pocket Thermometer

Maverick DT-13 Flip Action Pocket Thermometer - $16.99

Despite just sounding cool, this pocket thermometer is a bargain. For just $16.99, this is one great instant read thermometer. A quick read helps you get dinner on the table and reduces the chances of hearing "Is dinner ready yet?" 


Maverick ET733 Remote Smoker Thermometer

Maverick ET733 Remote Wireless Thermometer - $89.99

Maverick has been THE go to brand in the food thermometer business for many moons. Some of the best cooking thermometers we've seen. This one is our favourite. It lets you hang out where the action is while keeping tabs on your barbecue and food temps.  

Thermoworks Thermapen MK4

Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 - $134.99

There is always that 'star pupil' in every class. In the barbecue thermometer class, that pupil is the Thermapen MK4, and that star keeps rising. So popular it's likely to get it's own reality show by 2019, this thermometer will delight any one on your Christmas list this year. 


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