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Gotta Have A Warm Patio

Fall is knocking on our doorstep. Frankly, it can't get any closer - tomorrow is the first day of Fall. The autumnal equinox. Fall brings with it a wide range of temperatures and weather patterns. One day it may be 24 degrees and the next it drops down to 12. Sometimes the days are warm and comfortable, but as the sun goes down so do the temperatures. 

People huddled around a napoleon gas firetable

If you live in the Calgary area you're probably thinking that Fall has come and gone and Winter is on the horizon. Nevertheless, it's about time you start finding ways to extend that summer feeling. Keeping your patio warm on those chilly Autumn nights will help you make the most of your patio for as long as possible. Until that white stuff starts pouring down from the heavens. 

For most people, their first instinct to stay warm in the fall is to stay inside with a blanket and a warm beverage, or a beverage that gives you that warming feeling. Who says you can't do that outside? Add a patio heater beside your set and curl up to your heart's content. Want to add some flaming flare to your patio as well as heat? A gas firetable not only adds heat, it adds ambiance and character to your outdoor space. 

Brown Jordan Fire Feature in a patio


How To Warm Your Patio

Patio Heaters

Adding a patio heater to your outdoor space creates a warm radius of heat in a generalized area. If you want to stay warm in the fall and winter while grilling at your barbecue, a patio heater is your best friend. Most of the heaters we carry provide heat up to an 8-foot radius. 


Fire Features

Adding a fire table or fire feature to your patio seating area will offer lots of warmth and coziness to you and your guests seated around it. These disperse the heat a little more 'fairly' so that everyone around the fire table is just as warm as the next, where a patio heater the person sitting beside the heater will be toastier than the person on the other side of the area. 

They also add a certain mystique to any outdoor space, bright orange flames performing a sort of fire ballet mesmerize you just enough to make you forget that Winter is slowly creeping in. 

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