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Gotta Have Cast Iron Cookware

Owning cast iron cookware or bakeware is a two-way street. If you take care of your cast iron items, they will take care of you - by lasting a really, super, long time. We're HUGE proponents of cast iron. It's got unbeatable heat retention and the more you use it the more non-stick it becomes as the oils seep into the cast iron creating a protective coating.

This year we went cast iron crazy, and brought in a wide selection of cast iron pans, pots and accessories. Whether you're using it outside on the grill or in the kitchen on the stove or in the oven, it just doesn't get any better than cast iron!

Here's what's available:

Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron frying pans are known - and loved - for their heat retaining super-abilities and the way they heat evenly. All of our cast iron pans are designed using only one mold for each, meaning there are no parts that are spot welded or pieces that have the potential to break off. 


Cast Iron Crepe Pan 

This 11" cast iron crepe pan is made out of durable cast-iron. The smooth, flat finish helps the crepe batter to spread out evenly, creating perfect crepes in no time! Also works great for pancakes or frying eggs. 

Cast Iron Crepe Pan - Cast Iron Cookware | Barbecues Galore

Cast Iron Frying Pan

This cast iron frying pan has a 12" diameter and a 5" handle making it easy to transport your pan from the kitchen to the barbecue, or in and out of the oven. An incredible value for this heavy-weight champ of a pan. (It weighs 8-lbs!). 

12" Cast Iron Frying Pan - Cast Iron Cookware | Barbecues Galore


Cast Iron Paella Pan

This cast iron paella pan is so much more than 'just a paella pan'. In fact, we actually made some tasty peach cobbler in one of these hot shots at our Burlington store just a few days ago! 

Brander Cast Iron Paella Pan - Cast Iron Cookware | Barbecues Galore


Cast Iron Pot

This isn't our first rodeo with this cast iron pot. It is actually the piece that sparked our cast iron frenzy. It strolled into our product offering last year and took our world by storm. A tremendous value-added pot, especially when you compare it to its French doppelganger that sell for at least twice as much!   


Caring For Your Cast Iron Products


  • season your cast iron with salt-free oil, lard or butter on a regular basis
  • make sure cast iron pots and pans are clean and dry before storing 
  • make sure to wear protection when handling hot cast iron pans and pots


  • use metal tools or utensils when cooking with cast iron
  • let cast iron soak in water for too long  

Cast Iron Oil & Cast Iron Soap

This just in: we just brought in a series of cast iron care products that are perfect for keeping your cast iron cookware in tip top shape. First, there's the cast iron oil that can be used to season your cast iron. It will help prevent damage from moisture. The cast iron soap is for - you guessed it - cleaning your cast iron pans. Gentle on your cast iron while being tough enough to get the job done. 


Cast Iron Care - Cast Iron Soap and Cast Iron Oil

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