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Gotta Have Govino Shatterproof Drinkware

It's almost officially summer, which means warm weather, long weekends, cottage trips, camping, days at the beach, and best of all time spent on the patio. 

Fact - alcoholic drinks taste better when enjoyed with the glowing warmth of Summer sunshine. Afterall, they're always telling us to hydrate when in the sun. Okay, yes, they mean water, but you can have water in between your fun drinks.

Govino Wine Glasses

The downside of drinking outdoors is the unfortunate 'party foul' of dropping your glass or bottle on someone's deck or patio creating a danger zone for all those bare or sandalled feet. 

Fear no more, with our selection of patio drinkware, broken glass won't even be an option! This line of shatterproof, reusable glasses from Govino are the perfect solution to your summer beverage woes. They also make a great host gift. 

Govino Beer Glasses on a Beach

Available in a pint glass or stemless wine glass format, these unbreakable glasses are perfect for just about every beverage. We used to carry the 'cocktail' glass but it was really just a smaller version of the wine glass. If you ask us, the bigger the glass, the better. 

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